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I just bought a domain with Spark. How do I point this to my Putti website?

Please access the domain (URL that is most likely your domain name) provided which will lead you to a ‘Holding Page’. Now click on the link (your domain name/stats) and enter in the User ID and password provided by Spark. Click on Domain List on the left panel. Next to your listed domain, you’ll see a drop down list with ‘Choose Action’. Please collapse this list and then choose ‘Edit Zone File’.

You’re now on the ‘Edit DNS Settings’ page; please look to the table at the bottom that states the fields; Name, TTL, Class and Type. You’ll need to spot the class type ‘CNAME’. If it does exist, please change the URL listed to the right (next to class) to If you don’t already see a CNAME type, you’ll need to add one for your domain name. Please add your complete domain – under Name, choose TTL as 1800, Type should be ‘CNAME’. Please enter in the field next to it (on the right).

Now click on ‘Continue’ and eventually save changes. Please note that the changes might not reflect right away as it usually takes about 24 hours to take effect.

I have a domain name. How do I point it to my Putti created website?

Go to ‘Configure website’, click on the pencil icon next to the URL, choose ‘Custom Domain’. Type in your complete domain name and then follow the directions to create a new CNAME record to point your existing domain (if you haven’t already done so) and get your website live. To change your domain CNAME follow the tutorials below to forward your existing domain name to your new Putti created website.

Select your domain provider



I’ve followed the CNAME procedure and my website still doesn’t point to Putti?
Once you’ve completed the CNAME record procedure, you need to make sure you’ve added the complete domain name to the CMS or Content Management System. Please login to the CMS and go to ‘Configure Website’. There, you’ll need to click on the ‘pencil’ icon next to the URL or Custom Domains. Choose Custom Domains and then add in the complete URL. Click on ‘Add Domain’. Once updated, you’ll see the ‘Cog’ change to a ‘Blue Tick’. This means the CNAME procedure was successful. Don’t forget to ‘save’ changes at the top right of the page. If you still haven’t managed to get it to work email Support at and they will help you get this working
My website doesn't show up on Google

Google takes time a while to index websites and show them up in the results of a search. To speed this process up you can follow a few best practices.

1) Let Google know your website exists by submitting your website at this link.

2) Follow this tutorial to optimise your website for Google search.

3) Add lots of relevant content to your website. The more relevant keywords you have on your website the better your chances of being ranked higher in a search

4) Always keep your content fresh and keep adding more content so that other website link back to you and boost your search rankings

What is a mobile responsive website?

A mobile responsive website lays out a website to fit it perfectly for the device that it’s being browsed on so it looks perfect if you’re viewing it on a desktop, tablet or a mobile device. It’s very important to ensure that your website is mobile responsive as Google ranks websites that are mobile responsive higher than those that are not

Can I have a website without the app?

Yes, you can have a website without needing to have an app. You can always upgrade to have an app later. However you can’t send use some of the marketing and loyalty features like push notifications and coupons in a website

What features are supported on the Mobile Responsive Website?






6.Mobile Website


When you login to your CMS page and go to Features, to add each one, you’ll need to click on ‘Manage’. Once you select a feature, the description on the right of the page for each feature will tell if this is only for Apple and Android (app), or also for Website as well. You’ll know from the logos below the simulator in the description for each feature on the right.

To learn more about how to use these features follow our online Tutorials at this link.

Can you help me design a website from scratch?

A Putti designer will create your Mobile responsive Website using the Putti platform. You supply graphics, logos and text, this includes 2 hours of content upload time. Click on this link to select the level of custom design help that you think you need.

What happens if my app downloads exceed 500 on the Putti App Plan?

If the number of app downloads exceed 500, the app will automatically upgrade to Putti Pro.

Where can I find more information on how I can use Putti features for my website?When can I start sending Push Notification alerts?

You will be able to start sending out Push Notification Alerts once the app is live on both app stores. Please access the Push Notification section on the CMS’ Dashboard. You can then type out the alert message to send to your app users (all under 160 characters). Hit Send. After it’s gone out, you will be able to see the Notification History on CMS > App Settings > Push Notifications.

Can I move content from one app to another?

Yes, you can manually move the app content from one app to another. If you’re looking to have the content moved, we can do it for you at $125 an hour. The time taken would depend on the amount of content there is to move.

How can I promote my app once it's goes live on the app store?

Once your app gets approved on the iTunes store and on the Android marketplace. You can use a QR code to get other users to download and start using your app. The QR Code for your app will be available on the dashboard of the CMS. Click on ‘Print QR Code’ on the CMS under Dashboard, to be able to print out the QR Code for your app. Once you scan it, it will point you to the link at the app store depending on which phone you’re using (iTunes for iPhone and Google Play for Android).

Please note, if you try printing the QR Code before the app is live, the code will point or take you to the Putti Preview or Simulator App.


How can I setup my app? How do I start add content and publish it?

View our Getting started video below for a quick tutorial to help you get started.

How do I get my mobile apps on the app store? Do I need to get an app store account?

You don’t need any app store account to get your apps on the app store. We submit your apps to your own app store for you. It generally takes around 2-3 weeks for your app to appear live on the app store. Once your apps are live you can promote it through a promo QR code that will show up in your account dashboard.

How do I add content to my App?

After setting up the app, please click on the Login button to the right of the Putti Platform website. You’ll need to enter the email address and password you used to setup your app. Once you login, you’ll have access to the Content Management System (CMS) and you’ll be able to add content and make changes to your app here.

Once you’ve logged into the App’s CMS, you’ll be able to add content step by step with our easy to use Content Management System. If you need help with how to select features for the app and add content, please read thru the tutorials specifically written for each feature. You’ll find these on the Tutorials tab of the website.

Can I preview my app before I publish it to the app store?

The Putti Preview App or Simulator can be downloaded at the links below:

iPhone app simulator

Android app simulator

Alternatively you can scan the QR code below with any mobile device to download the app on your mobile.


How long does it take for my app to go live after publishing or submitting it to the app stores?

After submission, please allow 2-3 weeks for the app to go live. Please keep this timeline in mind for when you’re planning something important, like a launch or promotional event.

How do I use the Putti Preview App?

Once you’ve downloaded the app from the app store and installed it on your phone; launch the Putti Preview App. You will need to enter an email and password to access it. Please use the email and password used to setup the app. Now you can see what your app looks like on the phone. Any changes you make to the App’s CMS, you will see updated in real time on the Putti Preview App.

How do I track my app using Google analytics?

Please refer to the Putti Blog where you will be able to access a tutorial on How to create a Google Analytics ID.

How do I publish my app?

First setup your app by visiting, then add and edit content in the CMS. Please test your app content on our Putti Preview App as detailed above. When you’re ready, please add in all the necessary App Information under App Settings, then choose a subscription plan for your app, add in your billing details and make a payment. Once the payment’s gone thru, you can publish your app. This request is then sent to the App Submission Team to handle.

You could also email our Support Team at to make sure they’ve got your request.

How can I ensure Apple approves my app content?

Please have a peek at our write-up on Best Practices – App Submission.

What type of Apps do you make?

All published apps are native mobile apps for iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices to give you the user experience.

I need help setting up my App/Website. Can you design it for me?

Yes we can. Please click on this link to Hire a Putti Pro and select the level of service you want. We can do everything you need to get up and running.

Shop & Tickets

What payment gateways does Putti support for Mobile Ordering?

Putti presently supports these payment gateways:

  • Paypal
  • Judo
  • Payment Express
  • Paypal Express
  • MOL Pay
How do I setup Paypal payments for my store?

Learn how you can setup your PayPal account to accept payments for mobile ordering

How do I enable payment settings on Putti?

If you are creating an online shop, ticketing or booking feature you will need to set up your payment settings. If these haven’t been set up then your online store won’t go live.

How can I setup payments for Ticketing?
If you are creating an online shop, ticketing or booking feature you will need to set up your payment settings. If these haven’t been set up then your online store won’t go live.
Can cash be used as a payment methods for Tickets?
No, Cash is not considered a payment method for Tickets. Please login to your CMS page and over to the Payment Settings to check which payment methods are supported.