Become a Putti Apps white-label reseller

If your clients could do with a mobile app but you don’t have the resources to make it yourself, become a Putti Apps reseller. It’s simple: you buy the rights to become a reseller, we remove all reference to Putti Apps on our software, then you sell mobile app packages to your own clients at whatever price you like.

Reselling pros … and pros

Provide an app service for your customers

Even when you don’t have the resources yourself

Sell your apps at whatever price you want

The mark-up is totally up to you

Retain your clients by offering high-quality solutions under your own brand name

We strip all mention of Putti from your apps, so your clients don’t need to know that you’re using our platform.

Manage the content yourself, let your clients manage it or outsource it back to Putti

Whatever works best for you and your clients.

A modern and up to date platform that's regularly enriched with new features

We’re constantly updating out platform with the latest technologies so you can focus on what you do best – building your business.

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How do I become a reseller?

Register as a reseller

White-label your and update your white-label settings

Create app store accounts for submitting your apps

Start selling mobile app solutions to your clients