QR Code Contact Tracing for One of Asia’s Largest Conglomerate


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Ayala Corporation and its Diversified Holdings

Ayala Corporation stands as a prominent publicly listed holding company, overseeing the diversified interests of the renowned Ayala Group. With its roots deeply embedded in the Philippines, the conglomerate has evolved into one of the nation’s most enduring and expansive enterprises. Ayala Corporation’s core pursuits span several vital sectors, including real estate, banking, telecommunications, and power.

The Imperative for Effective Contact Tracing

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic’s emergence in 2020, the significance of robust contact tracing and management (CTM) strategies became apparent. The Ayala Group, like many other entities, faced the challenge of unifying the contact tracing landscape within the Philippines to curtail the virus’s spread. Amid a plethora of available solutions worldwide, selecting a secure, efficacious, and government-endorsed contact tracing system posed a formidable challenge.

Identifying the Opportunity

During the peak of the pandemic, the IT team at Ayala Corporation embarked on a search for an optimal contact tracing solution. Recognising the need for a system that could be remotely managed and hosted, the corporation’s IT team discovered our services through organic search results on Google.

Crafting the QR Code-based Solution

In response to Ayala Corporation’s requisites, we developed a cutting-edge QR code-based contact tracing solution. This innovative system promptly proved its efficacy in enhancing the corporation’s contact tracing capabilities. By generating QR codes accessible to employees at various locations, the solution streamlined the data collection process and ensured segregated data for swift utilisation.

Achievements and Impacts

The implementation of our QR code-based contact tracing solution yielded significant outcomes for Ayala Corporation. The solution’s seamless integration empowered the corporation to execute contact tracing with heightened efficiency and efficacy. As a result, Ayala Corporation’s workforce gained the ability to swiftly scan QR codes at designated points, facilitating immediate data collection and segregation.

A Successful Collaboration in Challenging Times

The partnership between Ayala Corporation and our team underscored the value of innovative technological solutions in confronting unprecedented challenges. Through the development and deployment of the QR code-based contact tracing solution, Ayala Corporation exemplified adaptability and resilience in navigating the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic. This case study serves as a testament to the potency of collaboration between the private sector and technological experts in safeguarding public health and organizational continuity.