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Digital Sign-In System for Fletcher Living


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Fletcher Living, a trusted home builder in New Zealand since 1990, turned to us for assistance in creating a unique and secured QR code contact tracing technology for their residents in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This innovative solution has been highly effective in controlling outbreaks and led to the implementation of a digital sign-in system for high-risk and high-density areas.

The Opportunity

Following the successful launch of their contact tracing solution in May 2020, Fletcher Building recognised the effectiveness of digital contact tracing systems in controlling COVID-19 outbreaks. This prompted the development of a digital sign-in system for Fletcher Living’s residential communities.

Enhancing Community Safety

Fletcher Living maximised the use of technology to ensure robust health and safety plans for their communities amidst the pandemic. The digital sign-in system enabled access to construction sites without compromising residents’ privacy. Hundreds of residents, staff, contractors, and potential customers have embraced this system.

Broad Application and User Base

Fletcher Living’s digital check-in system is widely adopted by residents, staff, contractors, and potential customers. It provides convenience and security for various stakeholders, including those exploring potential homes.

Fostering Safety and Innovation

Fletcher Living’s commitment to leveraging technology in response to the pandemic is commendable. The implementation of their digital sign-in system has effectively ensured community safety and seamless access to construction sites. Their dedication to innovation further strengthens their reputation as a trusted home builder prioritising the well-being of residents and stakeholders.

The Result

As a result of Fletcher Living’s digital sign-in system, the community has benefited from enhanced safety measures and robust health protocols. The system has successfully facilitated contact tracing and minimised the risk of virus transmission within high-risk and high-density areas. The widespread adoption of this solution by residents, staff, contractors, and potential customers demonstrates its effectiveness and the trust placed in Fletcher Living’s commitment to the well-being of their communities.