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Our clever sorts use top-notch technologies and the best strategic methods to develop award-winning mobile and web applications on a range of platforms.

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Full-cycle web and mobile app development. Solving your most important business problems

Build and validate a new digital product

The essence of any product, be it digital or physical, is its ability to solve problems. Its success depends on the strategic amalgamation of elements, a design that is focused on achieving results, and the flexibility to remain pertinent within a corporation.

Improve your digital experience

Our comprehensive service design and development teams transform intricate demands into user-friendly offerings, from individual apps to complete digital environments, thus ensuring smooth and integrated experiences.

Modernise your technology

Regardless of your upgrade hurdles – be it digitalizing your customer interaction, substituting outdated hardware or software, or transitioning to cloud-based solutions – the time has come to confront them directly.

Digital compliance and security
At Putti, we don’t just build world-class apps. We also understand the challenges of implementing new technology in the digital landscape your business operates in – including the risks and threats that come with it.

That is why we integrate specialised security solutions into all of our projects to ensure your cybersecurity requirements are established, tracked, delivered, and verified.

Our Solutions

Retail Solutions


Compliance Solutions


Booking & Loyalty


Customer Portals


Digital Queuing


Artificial Intelligence



Workflow Automation Tool

Reclaim your time and accelerate your outputs. Digitise those manual processes that drive your business – and halve your costs – with our workflow automation tools.

Team safe

The mobile app for any business

Perfectly suited for crisis management and remote work, our proven digital solutions are guaranteed to improve internal communication, systems, and processes – so you can focus on doing great work instead of paperwork.


Digital check in solution

Manage your location’s activities using our contactless check-in/checkout. Just scan a QR-code and you’re done!

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