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We have developed award-winning mobile and web applications on different platforms using top-notch technologies and strategic methods.

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Full-cycle web and mobile app development


Let us help you formulate a winning business strategy

Code Review

A code review can save you time & money

Web Development

We build world class web applications that drive businesses

App Development

More than a decade of building award-winning apps


Modern businesses require multiple technologies to perform well


Finding the middle ground in a modern world

UX/UI Design

We design intuitive user experiences with a human-centered approach

QA Testing

Fast, human-powered QA testing for agile teams that take quality personally

Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber Security Consultancy

At Putti, we don’t just build world-class apps. We understand the challenges of implementing new technology in the digital landscape your business operates in – including the risks and threats that come with it.

That is why we integrate specialised security solutions into all of our projects to ensure your cybersecurity requirements are established, tracked, delivered, and verified.

Privacy Policy Audit

An updated privacy policy is a business must-have

Getting ready for data privacy laws and other regulations your organisation may be subject to is a business essential. Don’t rely on free templates and copy-pasted policies – they will help you get started but aren’t good enough to protect you against legal claims and fines.

Privacy Policy Audit

Your privacy policy is most likely outdated

NZ has seen a change in our Privacy Act and most businesses are unaware of these changes and what they need to do

At Putti, our Security team are experts and can help get you up to date.


Web-based. Safe. Convenient. Privacy-controlled.

QR code based sign-in for contact tracing – FREE for Community Clubs and Charities

Team Safe

The mobile app solution for every business

Business apps built fast and perfectly suited for Crisis Management and Remote Working

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