Who We Are

Creators of web and app solutions

Putti Apps has an insane record of building app solutions for brands that you already know.

We are driven to help businesses from simple digitisation work right up to multi-platform projects. We spend lots of time upfront understanding your brief and diving deep into your situation to make sure we are all aware of the best course of action! We then follow our proven process that has given great results over the years. Our process is truly transparent and provides clear cost and resource estimations to ensure you can manage your time and money with ease. Put it all together and you have a world-class solution delivered by the best!

Our History


Ep 01 iFortune and Moa Creative
Ep 02 Three News App
Ep 03 Lottery App
Ep 04 New York Agency
Ep 05 App La Carte
Ep 06 Putti
Ep 07 Free For All
Ep 08 The birth of APPRANET
Ep 09 Flatpack Global
Ep 10 10th Anniversary
Ep 11 Bye Bye 2020
Ep 12 Marco The Cyber Security Specialist
Our Values

We take great pride in our values


We drive relationships by consistently delivering exceptional service.

About Partners

We believe in nurturing client partnerships for mutual sustainable success.

Jointly caring

Perform and excel at home and work – we look out for each other.

Better from diversity

We are a mix of aspirational talents from all over the world.

Curious & creative

We go beyond what is required of us to make the project seamlessly successful.


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