The new age of sports recruitment


UX/UI Design

iOS Development

Android Development

Front-End Development

Server-Side Development

QA Testing

Connecting grassroots sports players with clubs, organisations, and businesses in a quick and meaningful way.

The Process

The first step was to ensure we had our heads wrapped around the idea and that meant knowing all of the ins and outs.

At the core of the app was the ability for athletes to be able to build a sports focused resume – one that allowed for video highlights, lists of previous experiences, references, and of course the bio to add that personal touch.

On the other side, the sports clubs, schools, sponsors, and the like could scout the profiles of athletes and connect with them via ‘Shoulder Taps’ a unique notification system that likened itself to the common phrase.

To ensure the app was clear and intuitive, we focused on a user-centric approach to our design process. As for the development, there were a lot of moving parts. These arts can be broken down into a native solution for iOS & Android, a web solution to manage subscription plans and ‘Shoulder Taps’, and an admin console for the Usshh team to manage the sports, users, and billing.

An aspect of the development included a messaging system where prospects, clubs, and sponsors can efficiently communicate with each other within the app. We implemented a geo-location-based search result feature to allow users to more visually identify new opportunities in their area. And with an MVVM project structure for iOS & Android, we ensured the code was tidy and clean. We also implemented a free trial option to help build a healthy user base from the launch of the app.

Some external services included Amazon Web Services for hosting and file storage, Google and Facebook for SSO and retrieving user details for creating their account, Google Firebase for push notifications, and Sendgrid for email notifications.

The Result

Our team successfully launched the first soft version to receive initial feedback from an avid user base!