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4.66 Billion active internet users are exposed to cyber threats this year*

* Source: Statista – Global digital population as of January 2021

With most businesses operating remotely, hackers stepped up attacks against the expanded and target-rich environment, with breaches that almost doubled from 2019.

Data breaches could happen to any company, regardless of size. If your organization is one of those who have not invested enough in security measures, you might end up being the easiest targets for cybercriminals.

Implementing a security checklist is the first step to safeguard your digital assets. To get you prepared, we’ve created this toolkit to help reduce and eliminate the identified threats/vulnerabilities that can place your organization at risk.

What’s Inside The Tool Kit

There are several elements of computer system vulnerabilities – a few are relevant only to specific business types. We’ve listed 8 of the most important ones that every business should have to guide you through avoiding losses to the digital criminals that exploit these weaknesses.

Updating your software

Keep software up-to-date to prevent known vulnerabilities.


Add extra layers of security with multi-factor authentication.

Password managers

Secure passwords with centralized management.

Logging alerts

Monitor for suspicious activities in system logs.

Internet-exposed services

Protect data transmitted over public networks.

Implementing backups

Ensure data availability with regular backups.

Network segmentation

Divide networks to contain cyber threats.

Principle of least privilege

Limit user access to essential resources.

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