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Barbershop Co is a chain of barbershops located in major cities across the country. They pride themselves on offering high-quality haircuts and grooming services. However, one of the biggest challenges for Barbershop Co has been managing long wait times, especially during peak hours.

To address this issue, Barbershop Co decided to create a virtual queueing app. The app allows users to virtually queue in line for a haircut and see how long the current wait time is, as well as when the barber will be ready to cut their hair.

The Objective

The objective of the Barbershop Co virtual queueing app is to improve the customer experience by reducing wait times and increasing transparency. By allowing customers to see how long the current wait time is and when the barber will be ready to cut their hair, the app aims to reduce frustration and anxiety and improve customer satisfaction.

The Features

Virtual queueing:
Users can join the virtual queue for the next available barber.

Wait time estimation:
Users can see the estimated wait time based on the number of people currently in the queue and the average service time.

Users receive notifications when they are next in line and when the barber is ready to cut their hair.

Booking history:
Users can view their booking history and rate the service they received.

The Implementation

The Barbershop Co virtual queueing app was developed using Flutter for iOS and Android. The app communicates with a backend server that manages the queue and sends notifications to users.

The app was designed with a simple and intuitive user interface that allows users to quickly join the virtual queue and see the estimated wait time. The app also includes a feature that allows users to rate the service they received, which helps Barbershop Co to improve the quality of their services.

“Putti built a backend integration for The Barber Shop between a system that didn’t have an off the shelf integration system.”

Adam Johanson, CEO & Founder at BarberShop Co

The Results

The Barbershop Co virtual queueing app was launched in all of the company’s locations and has been well-received by customers. The app has helped to reduce wait times and improve the overall customer experience. Customers appreciate being able to join the virtual queue from their phone and receive notifications when their turn is approaching. Barbershop Co has seen an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty as a result of the app.

Putti successfully built a custom system that allowed Barbershop to synchronize all customers across Vend PoS system, Shopify and Mail Chimp. This allowed Barbershop to have a single integrated customer database to use for both POS, online purchasing and marketing. Putti also developed a system that allowed them to collect aggregated financial reporting from the multiple Vend and franchise accounts giving them a single view of the business in real time. We continue to build out features for Barbershop as they explore benefits of the solution.