Brew Run

Fresh and premium coffee beans, hand-roasted and delivered right to your doorstep.

UX/UI Design

Front-End Development

Server-Side Development

QA Testing


Brew Run by Atomic is a delivery service that enables customers to enjoy freshly roasted handcrafted coffee at their homes, while also promoting sustainable practices and reducing packaging waste.


Atomic Coffee Roasters is renowned for its commitment to delivering the highest quality coffee to its customers. With their growing success and desire to provide a seamless coffee experience, they identified an opportunity to establish a coffee delivery service within the Kingsland area of Auckland. The service aims to replicate the convenience of a milk run while ensuring the freshness and sustainability of their coffee products.


To bring the Brew Run web application to life, the development team employed a combination of front-end and back-end technologies. The front-end interface was designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive layout and visually appealing elements. The back-end infrastructure was developed to facilitate seamless order processing, inventory management, and delivery logistics.

Reusable Canister System

The web application emphasizes the use of reusable canisters to minimize packaging waste. First-time customers are charged a nominal fee of $3 for the canister, which they can return for a refill without any additional charge.

When delivering the next order, the Brew Run team collects the empty canisters, washes and refills them, and then delivers the freshly roasted coffee to the customers. This process ensures a continuous cycle of sustainable coffee delivery.

Flexible Subscriptions

To provide customers with a hassle-free coffee experience, Brew Run incorporates a subscription feature that allows users to sign up for recurring deliveries. This feature caters to customers who prefer to receive their favorite blends of freshly roasted coffee regularly without the need to place individual orders each time.

The application offers various subscription plans, allowing customers to customize their delivery frequency based on their coffee consumption. They can choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries, ensuring a constant supply of their preferred coffee blends.

Delivery Management

Atomic Coffee Roasters manages the entire coffee production and delivery process through the application. This includes order scheduling, managing delivery routes, and monitoring refill requirements.


Since the launch of Brew Run, Atomic Coffee Roasters has witnessed significant positive impacts:

Increased Customer Engagement: Brew Run has attracted new customers by offering a convenient and sustainable coffee delivery service. The user-friendly interface has enhanced customer engagement and loyalty.

Reduction in Packaging Waste: The reusable canister system has substantially reduced packaging waste associated with traditional coffee packaging. Customers actively participate in the sustainable initiative by returning canisters for refills.

Strengthened Brand Reputation: By aligning their business with sustainable practices, Atomic Coffee Roasters has further strengthened its reputation as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious brand.

Operational Efficiency: The Brew Run web application has streamlined the coffee delivery process, enabling Atomic Coffee Roasters to manage inventory, roasting schedules, and delivery routes more effectively.


The Brew Run web application developed by Atomic Coffee Roasters has successfully transformed coffee delivery by combining convenience, sustainability, and high-quality specialty coffee. By emphasizing reusable canisters, reducing packaging waste, and implementing seamless refill processes, Brew Run has set new standards for coffee delivery services while supporting environmental stewardship. The application’s user-friendly interface and the commitment to customer satisfaction have made Brew Run a preferred choice for coffee lovers in the Kingsland area of Auckland, New Zealand.