Emergency Q

Reducing overcrowding in Emergency Departments

The Emergency Q app offers a live connection between patients, hospitals and clinics to provide a digital solution that reduces crowding in Emergency Departments.

Equipping New Zealanders with a live forecast of treatment times for non-emergency at specific hospitals and clinics around the country. Emergency Q empowers patients to access data to better educate themselves on what is considered an emergency medical condition and provides suggestions on where to best seek treatment.

The Opportunity

Emergency Q approuched us to help support them with an issue they where having with user ID generation,and with a large existing user base they needed the flaw fixed with minimal user impact.

They later came to us again when their app had another issue with the use of Location Services which was a critical feature for them.

The Result

Our team provided both a code review of the app and consultation advice on how to fix the present issues. We were able to remedy the location related issues that prevented the users from finding the medical facility they were in, which resulted in the app not being recommended by the nurses.

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