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forms4tradies is a tailored solution that addresses the challenges faced by a company dealing with a disconnect between their job management system, simPRO, and their form submission platform, a third party form. This case study highlights the obstacles encountered by the company before implementing forms4tradies and the benefits they now enjoy after its successful integration.


Lack of Integration: The company was grappling with the absence of seamless integration between the simPRO job management system and a third party form, their chosen platform for form submissions.

Manual Data Entry: Employees had to engage in time-consuming manual data entry, transferring information from a third party form submissions to the corresponding job records in simPRO.

Duplication of Effort: The manual data entry process led to duplicated efforts and a high risk of data errors.

Inefficient Workflow: Disconnected systems resulted in an inefficient workflow and limited visibility into the data.

Consistency Issues: Maintaining consistency between a third party form submissions and simPRO job records was an ongoing challenge.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive solution called forms4tradies was developed, comprising the following components:

Middleware System: The creation of a middleware system facilitated the seamless transfer of a third party form submissions to the respective job records in simPRO.

User-Friendly Frontend Application: An intuitive frontend application was designed to list all forms for company users, enhancing accessibility and management.

Integration with simPRO: forms4tradies integrated with the simPRO system, allowing pre-population of a third party form fields with information from simPRO, improving data accuracy and efficiency.

Two-Way Integration: The solution facilitated a two-way integration between a third party form and simPRO, enabling data flow in both directions.

Automated Attachments: A third party form submissions were automatically uploaded as attachments to the relevant job records in simPRO.

Custom Data Mapping: Custom data mapping allowed specific information from a third party form submissions to be posted back to simPRO custom fields.


Aforms4tradies seamlessly integrated various components of the company’s workflow:

A world leading form creator Integration: Integration between an existing form platform and the middleware system allowed form submissions to be transmitted to the middleware for processing.

Middleware-SimPRO Integration: Integration between the middleware system and the simPRO job management system enabled the creation, updating, or attachment of form submissions to corresponding jobs.

Data Synchronization: Continuous synchronization between an existing forms platform, the middleware system, and simPRO ensured data consistency and real-time updates.

The Results

The implementation of forms4tradies has transformed the company’s operations, providing a range of benefits:

Seamless Data Transfer: The solution now enables seamless and automated transfer of a third party form  submissions to the respective job records in simPRO.

Improved Data Accuracy: Pre-populating form fields with information from simPRO has greatly enhanced data accuracy and efficiency.

Reduced Manual Data Entry: The solution has significantly reduced manual data entry, minimizing the risk of errors and saving time.

Custom Data Posting: Custom data mapping allows the company to post specific information back to simPRO custom fields from a third party form submissions, ensuring all data is where it’s needed.

“great people to deal with and very good at crafting clever solutions.”

Marcel de Witte, Managing Director at IT4Tradies


forms4tradies has successfully bridged the gap between the company’s job management system and their form submission platform, resulting in more efficient workflows, increased data accuracy, and a reduction in manual data entry. This case study highlights how customized solutions like Forms 4 Tradies can transform and optimize operations, ultimately leading to increased productivity and enhanced data management.