Free For All

Don’t Bin It, Share It


UX/UI Design

Front-End Development

Server-Side Development

QA Testing

Every year thousands of Kiwis go without some of the most basic household items.
Conversely, thousands of Kiwis are sending usable household goods to the landfill.

The Opportunity

Here at Putti we’re passionate about contributing to our community and New Zealand as a whole. Founded by Dee Glentworth, FreeForAll was a passion project aimed at reducing our landfill waste. However, it lacked a scalable solution to unlock its full potential.

Our goal was to create a seamless experience with a nationwide platform that enabled communities to freely redistribute usable goods to those in need.

The Process

In order to invision what we were building, we needed to walk through all possible solutions across donating and receiving items and how this could be implemented as a digital platform. Through many discussions, we were able to gain valuable insight into how both donating and receiving users would interact with one another within a platform. This helped us truly visualize a product that would solve the real pain points of the process.

With a user journey and product direction defined, our design team was able to move ahead with wireframing and design. It would be fair to say that with many refinements along the way.
Though, the end result was a seamless and initiative user experience.

After a development and testing effort of around 3 months (and many early mornings and late nights), our team brought a life-changing platform into reality. As of April 1st, FreeForAll was live!

Being a new platform, our focus is on generating controlled growth. After an initial launch, we had 1k users sign up in the first week so we’re excited to see where it will go!

The Result

Since our partnership with FreeForAll, we have led the creative, strategy, design and development of the entire project.

Our team crafted an innovative product which serves a greater purpose in the New Zealand ecosystem. The journey to date has been a hugely rewarding experience as a company. We have seen the direct impact in the community and on the environment.

However, the journey doesn’t end here. With many improvements ahead, our team is hard at work continuously adding value to the platform.