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Charging for the Future

Invisible Urban (IU) is an EV charging provider dedicated to facilitating the electrification of transport by streamlining the charging process for parking operators and increasing the availability of EV chargers in the market. This case study highlights the solution developed by IU to achieve their objectives, emphasising their mobile app for EV drivers, an admin portal for managing accounts and charging stations, and a dedicated mobile app for installers.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, IU embarked on building their capabilities, assembling a team of highly skilled professionals, and conceptualising their flagship product. Their vision was to create a charging infrastructure that was both simple and aesthetically pleasing, catering to the needs of every business and EV driver.

The Mobile App for EV Drivers

We developed a user-friendly mobile application that empowers EV drivers to effortlessly engage with their charging network. By simply scanning a charger, EV drivers can seamlessly connect their vehicles to initiate a charging session at any public Invisible Urban charger. The app provides real-time information on charger availability, allowing users to conveniently plan their charging activities. With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, the app ensures a hassle-free charging experience for EV drivers.

Admin Portal for all Things Charging

To support the operational requirements of Invisible Urban, a comprehensive admin portal was designed and built. This portal enables IU to effectively manage various aspects of their charging network. Key features of the admin portal include:

Partner Account Management: IU can oversee and manage accounts of partners who utilise their chargers. This functionality allows for streamlined partner communication and efficient coordination.

Site Management: The admin portal offers tools to manage site locations. IU can designate sites as public or private, determining the visibility of charging stations for account users on the mobile app. Public sites are accessible to all users, while private sites require permission for access. Site details, such as parking space availability, building location, primary contacts, and associated documents, can be managed and updated through the admin portal.

Charging Station Management: IU has full control over the management of charging stations through the admin portal. They can monitor the status of each station, perform diagnostics, and schedule maintenance tasks. This feature ensures the efficient operation and reliability of the charging infrastructure.

Pricing Tariffs: IU can create pricing tariffs tailored to specific user types, offering flexibility and customisation. This functionality allows for the implementation of diverse pricing strategies and revenue optimisation.

Transaction Information and Revenue Reports: The admin portal provides IU with access to comprehensive transaction details, enabling them to analyze charging activity, monitor usage patterns, and generate reports on revenue from all accounts. These insights support data-driven decision-making and help identify opportunities for growth.

“From day one, Putti provided guidance, vision and planning through their extensive experience.”

Nigel Broomhall, CEO at Invisible Urban

The Installer Mobile App

In addition to the EV driver app and the admin portal, IU also developed a dedicated mobile application for their installers. This app serves as a specialised tool to assist installers in efficiently setting up chargers at new sites. It provides them with step-by-step instructions, technical specifications, and real-time support, ensuring smooth and accurate installation processes.

Implementation with OCPP Protocol

To ensure seamless integration and interoperability within the EV charging ecosystem, Invisible Urban leveraged the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) as the foundation of their solution. OCPP is an industry-standard protocol that enables communication between charging stations and central management systems, facilitating the exchange of information and control commands.

By leveraging the OCPP protocol, Invisible Urban built a solution that promotes open communication, compatibility, and scalability within the EV charging landscape. The adoption of OCPP not only enabled IU to develop a robust and future-proof charging infrastructure but also facilitated their mission to accelerate the electrification of transport and make EV charging accessible to a wide range of stakeholders.

Results and Benefits

By implementing this comprehensive solution, Invisible Urban has achieved notable results and gained several benefits:

Enhanced User Experience: The mobile app for EV drivers offers a seamless and convenient charging experience, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Efficient Operations: The admin portal allows IU to efficiently manage partner accounts, site locations, charging stations, pricing tariffs, and transaction information, streamlining their operations and reducing administrative overhead.

Data-Driven Insights: The availability of detailed transaction information and revenue reports enables IU to gain valuable insights into their charging network’s performance, identify trends, and optimise revenue generation.

Effective Installer Support: The dedicated mobile app for installers streamlines the installation process, ensuring accuracy, reducing errors, and facilitating prompt technical assistance.


Invisible Urban’s solution, comprising the mobile app for EV drivers, the admin portal, and the installer mobile app, has significantly contributed to accelerating the electrification of transport. By making EV charging easy for parking operators and increasing the number of available chargers, IU is playing a pivotal role in promoting sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions.