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Microsoft, Google, and Netflix have built empires on proprietary software. Why not your business too?

More and more organizations are turning to proprietary software as a way of differentiating themselves from their competitors. Putti’s agile development methods allow start-ups and established businesses with limited resources to take advantage of advanced technologies like AI-driven machine learning algorithms to compete globally on quality.

Custom Proprietary Software Benefits



Custom software is built to solve your problems quickly, without the need for custom coding.



Custom software is a great way to grow as an organization or business because it can adapt and change with your needs. Designers and developers should assess future possibilities when gathering requirements, which will help them incorporate those features into their applications rather than incurring additional costs by purchasing packaged solutions that don’t meet new demands later on down the road


Lower integration costs

Integration with existing and legacy systems is a major concern for many organizations before they invest in commercial software. Custom-built solutions can be developed to work seamlessly, minimizing the need for additional investment from your company’s budget or timetable as well.



Custom software development is the perfect way to make some extra cash. You can get your own custom-built program, and if it’s well designed you might be able to sell it at a high price.



 Commercial software vendors are known for hiking prices and freezing support contracts. But there’s no need to worry because it doesn’t have to be that way. You can avoid both cost hikes in licensing fees or sunsetting your company’s own custom-built solution due to an unfortunate occurrence such as bankruptcy – all thanks (mostly) to “free” commercial offerings on top of open-source counterparts which offer many similar features at little or no extra charge.

We’ll build a collaborative partnership with you to design and develop your software application – and you’ll have the power to say how it’s built. Business decisions are in your hands, so that you can grow how you need and without limits.

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