July 11, 2022

Finding The Right Partner For Your Digital Transformation

When it comes to digitisation, finding the right partner is key. The consequences of a bad choice can be seen in every area. Not only will it affect your time and budget, but also the long-term success rate for that decision if you go with something less than perfect.

With the availability and increase in Innovative technologies, along with cheaper hardware to support them – it’s no wonder that companies are luring toward Digital Transformation. These advancements not only ensure your company’s future viability but also give you more time for strategic planning.

You need an agency that can help you with every step of the process, from strategy and planning to development and execution.

But with so many agencies out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few tips to help you find the right digitisation partner for your business.

1. When evaluating a potential partner, ask if they have the right technical expertise for your needs. An agnostic consulting firm will be able to help you with that decision by providing more information on their focus in areas like operations scalability and workforce models while also allowing them an opportunity at working on prototypes so it’s clear what kind of experience is available before making any strong commitments or compromises down the road.


2. The world of digital transformation is crowded, with so many companies promising the moon. To help you decide who deserves your business, evaluate each company’s organizational strategies and approach to consulting; check out their methodologies for the engagement process as well as how they develop new toolsets or infrastructure in order to make sure that what they offer will be relevant moving forward.


3. To ensure your partnership is focused on the same goals, make sure both parties are aligned in their thoughts,  work ethics, and priorities. The partnership should have similar goals so that both parties are working in the same direction towards their objectives — does your partner understand what you’re trying to accomplish with this digital transformation? Ask them for help coming up with ideas on how they think you can achieve those aspirations.


4. The most important factor in choosing a digital transformation firm is how they will support your organization during tough times. You should ask about their ideology and what procedures they follow when working with clients because this could make all the difference between success or failure for an enterprise-wide project like yours.


5. It’s important to review a potential partner’s service experience with other clients in the same domain. You should also evaluate their case studies and current workload before deciding on them as your business sugar baby relationship may not work out if they don’t have enough demand for what you offer or care deeply about doing only one thing (like helping startups). To get an idea of how well-suited these two things will be, ask around at conferences where entrepreneurs frequent—they’re usually very up-front people.


6. In order to make the most out of digital transformations, it is important that communication and real-time reporting be at every stage. The right partner can help with these skills as you go through different stages in transforming your business system into a more modern one.


The company’s transformation depends on the strategic alliance they have with its chosen partner. The more time, effort and resources invested in this venture will provide them with greater success later down the line as well as give rise to new opportunities for growth that were previously unimaginable.

Your goals for your business’s transformation should be aligned with those of the team you choose. A client-focused and technically gifted digital group will help deliver on what matters most to YOU – not just some other goal or checklist item.

At Putti, we have transformed many businesses digitally and have helped them get the best ROI with our high-quality services. Check out some of our featured clients and find out why they chose to partner with us.