March 13, 2023

GPT-4 Release Date Revealed


The world of AI technology is about to take a major leap forward as Microsoft prepares to unveil its latest AI chatbot, Chat GPT-4.

According to reports, Chat GPT-4 will offer “completely different possibilities” compared to its predecessor GPT-3.5. 


Ready for GPT-4? Next week GPT 4 will be released.

“We will introduce GPT-4 next week, where we have multimodal models that will offer completely different possibilities – for example, videos”

Andreas Braun

Chief Technology Officer , Microsoft Germany

This exciting development is poised to transform the world of AI and set new standards for the capabilities of chatbots. 

GPT-4 Capabilities

Here is a rundown of all the key details you should be aware of regarding the much-awaited GPT-4 launch.

1. The groundbreaking capability of generating AI-powered videos from basic text prompts.

2. Multimodal – Basically, what can interpret both text and images. The previous version, which brings ChatGPT to life, is only capable of producing texts.

3. With 100 trillion machine learning parameters, GPT-4 is 500 times more powerful than its predecessor, GPT-3.5, which ChatGPT is currently built on.



4.Capabilities go beyond just processing text. It will be able to process multiple types of data, including videos, images, sounds, and numbers.

5.ChatGPT 4 will help pave the way for new applications of natural language processing.

6. ChatGPT 4 will be a key player in this progress, opening doors to new research, innovation, and real-world applications.

These capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg. With GPT-4, the possibilities for artificial intelligence are truly endless. We are entering a new era where machines are becoming more and more intelligent, and the line between humans and machines is becoming increasingly blurred.

Stay tuned for more updates on the game-changing GPT-4 release.

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