April 24, 2017

How Appranet Can Help Your Business

Putti are really excited to announce an exciting new addition to our services! It’s something we’ve designed especially for medium-to-large businesses.

Introducing Appranet, a business app to help you improve internal communication, productivity and processes.

It solves the problem of scrolling through emails trying to find a colleague’s contact information. It also means staff members can pull up documents, forms and other resources at the click of a button, wherever they are. And team communication becomes a breeze.

We outline Appranet’s main benefits below:

Internal communication

Improve internal and remote team communication using Appranet’s message board, push notifications and contact database features. Reduce emails, phone calls and ambiguity surrounding whether or not your message was recieved. With Appranet, send group messages and know if your communication has been recieved or not with real-time tracking.


Staff are no longer stuck in the office. Appranet gives them all the tools they need to do their jobs right from their mobile device. Access important business information, product catalogues, and complete forms while tracking timesheets on-the-go. Appranet enables you to reduce paperwork and get more done.


Streamline your processes with Appranet. Replace paper-based forms and bulky manuals with Appranet’s business app. Empower your team to get more done with features customised to your specific needs. Use Appranet as an onboarding, sales, communication or health and safety tool. (Or a combination of all four). The user-friendly CMS combined with our monthly support services enable you to continually refine the app experience and get more out of Appranet.

For this, and many other reasons: Appranet is going to take your business by storm.

Visit the Appranet website for more information.