April 10, 2017

How to sell using a Mobile App

Are you looking for a way to increase your sales? Have you tapped the traditional markets and are looking for other sales options now? A mobile app might just be the pot of gold you are hunting for.

Because Mobile Apps have become commonly used by every portable device owner, they are trusted. If you can gain a loyal tribe of users to your app, then you have a targeted group of potential buyers that are already interested in your brand. Here are our top ways to capitalise on that and convert them to buyers.

1 – Have a shop in your app

Allow your users to buy from your app as well as your website. Your users can search your products, create wishlists of their favourites, and process their payments within the app. Putti are able to provide you with seamless integration between your website and app. This means that when you upload products, they will automatically appear in both your website and app. If booking forms are necessary to your business, these can be built into your app also.

2 – Built-In Membership features

Give your users easy access to your membership features by having it built right into the app. This allows you to capture your customer’s information so that you are able to market directly back to them. It is also a great way to find out more about your customers wants and needs.

3 – Reward Loyalty

It is unlikely that a user will find themselves in your app by accident. They will have downloaded it, then consciously decided to install and open it. Regular users make that conscious decision constantly. Make it worth their while. Offer your users special offers, VIP access to a new product, discounts or a loyalty scheme. These can all be offered within the app and available only to app users.

4 – Generate Leads with Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to communicate with your customers in real time by providing them with an alert on their mobile device. You can alert them of an event you are running, a new product being released, special deals or anything else they would want to know. You can take push notifications one step further by utilising the GPS function of the device. You can even do things like offering location specific deals when the user is close to your store.

The beauty of push notifications is that a user does not need to be actively using your app to receive the message. It will be waiting on their lock screen, or in their alerts the next time they check their device.

5 – Enable Social Sharing

Give your users an easy way to become advocates of your business. Allow them to post their positive feedback for others to see on social media channels. Let them share your app with their friends. People trust referrals from their friends. These referrals are powerful and will help you gain new clients.

With the use of mobile devices and mobile apps constantly on the rise, the opportunity to reach new and existing clients is huge. Now is the time to add a mobile app to your online strategy if you do not yet have one. Contact Putti today to get started.