It costs a brand 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Acquiring a customers is far more costly than retaining and existing one. It makes far more economic sense for a business to retain the loyalty of an existing customer than trying to acquire a new one. Having an app is one of the best ways you can retain a loyal customer. Customers that are actively engaged with your brand are more likely to use your services as compared to a competitor.

Here are some of the ways you can use to keep your customers engaged and also your content relevant.

Use QR codes

One of the most cost effective and easy ways for your customers to find and download your app is through a QR (quick response) code that links them to your app. To learn more about QR codes read our tutorials section. You need to get your customers to download your app either in store or through places where you’re most likely to reach them.

All apps created with Putti have their very own unique QR code which when read through any device is smart enough to take a user to the app store appropriate for that device. To get your own unique QR code for your app, simply click on the the Print QR code that shows up on the dashboard when your app is live and save the generated QR code to your hard disk to get it printed.

When printing a QR code choose a surface that has some longevity like coasters, posters and business cards, flyers, advertisements, social media pages, brochures, contact forms, letters, email signatures or restaurant menus.

Keep your app updated with the latest content and promotions
It’s very important to keep your app relevant. There’s nothing worse than having your customer visiting your app and seeing stale content that is not relevant or usable anymore. Make your app users feel like V.I.P’s. Give them the latest updates, unveil new products, specials, redeemable coupons and give them loyalty benefits through the app. This will keep your customers engaged with your brand.

Create a loyalty program using redeemable coupons and/or loyalty stamps. Use the coupons ‘Share to Redeem’ feature to get your app to go viral over Facebook.

Use push notifications
Push notifications are one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. It’s as effective as an SMS and costs almost nothing and you can reach your customers at a precise time. As an example a restaurant could send a discount on a meal just before lunch time. On the flip side it’s also important to use this feature sparingly as it can also be an irritant for a customer if it gets used too often.

Sell through the app
If you are a restaurant or fast food chain switch the mobile ordering on and enable your customers to shop and make payments directly through your app. Getting your customers to enjoy the convenience of purchasing your product directly to your app will keep them using the app at all times.

Social features
Use the Social wall feature that’s built right into Putti and tie that into competitions and get users to interact with each other through your app. It’s one of the best ways to keep a community of users connected and interacting with your brand.

Use these tips and you’ll have loyal customers who would prefer to come to you instead of a competitor. Greater brand loyalty equals greater sales!!