December 18, 2023

Memorable Tech News of 2023, Month by Month

Collage images of memorable tech event on 2023

2023 was a whirlwind of innovation, disruption, and ethical quandaries in the tech landscape. From the rise of generative AI to the controversies surrounding big tech, it was a year that tested our understanding of technology and its impact on society. Let’s take a month-by-month look at some of the most memorable tech news:



  • Generative AI Explosion: The release of ChatGPT in late 2022 continues to echo in January, sparking a wave of AI-focused innovation across various industries.
  • Tech Layoffs: Economic uncertainty leads to significant job cuts at companies like Google, Microsoft, and Netflix.




  • Microsoft’s Cloud Outages: Service disruptions across Microsoft Azure cloud services raise data security and reliability concerns.
  • EU Imposes First Big Tech Fine on Meta: The European Union’s hefty fine against Meta for violating data privacy laws marks a significant step in regulating tech giants.




  • OpenAI Introduces GPT-4: The next iteration of OpenAI’s powerful language model sparks debate about its potential impact and ethical considerations.
  • The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) liquidation: The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as receiver of SVB, marking the bank’s collapse.




  • E3 2023 Goes Digital: Due to ongoing concerns about the pandemic, the iconic gaming event takes a virtual format.
  • SpaceX Launches Starship SN11: Another successful test flight of the Starship prototype fuels hopes for future space travel and exploration.




  • Nvidia became the 7th Trillion-Dollar company: Nvidia’s GPUs are essential for accelerating AI workloads, from deep learning to scientific simulations, as AI adoption continues to skyrocket.
  • Global Chip Shortage Eases: After months of disruption, the supply chain for semiconductors begins to stabilise, providing relief for various industries.




  • Apple WWDC 2023: New software updates and hardware announcements, including The Vision Pro, iOS 17 and the M2 MacBook Air, generate excitement among Apple enthusiasts.
  • Cybersecurity Conference: AI in Focus: Black Hat USA 2023 highlights AI’s growing role in cybersecurity threats and defence strategies.




  • Twitter got renamed to X: Musk wants X to be more than Twitter: an “everything app” beyond social media. A new name signifies a fresh start, distancing from past issues and embracing innovation.
  • Apple GPT announcement: Bloomberg reported in July 2023 that Apple aims to make a “significant AI-related announcement” in 2024. This suggests we might hear more about Apple GPT sometime next year.




  • AI-Generated News Controversy: Platforms like Bard and ShortlyAI raise concerns about the potential for AI-powered misinformation and the need for clear source identification.
  • Quantum Computing Breakthroughs: Google Quantum AI and IBM Quantum achieve significant milestones in qubit stability and error correction, bringing practical applications closer to reality.




  • Apple Wonderlust Event: Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, marking the return of the standard size alongside the Pro models.
  • Google’s Search Bard Launches: The public release of Google’s generative language model marks a step towards AI-powered search experiences and raises questions about search engine transparency.




  • SpaceX Launches Starlink Gen2 Satellites: The deployment of next-generation Starlink satellites promises faster internet access and improved global coverage.
  • Ethical AI Guidelines Adopted: Leading tech companies and organisations come together to establish ethical guidelines for developing and deploying AI technologies.




  • SpaceX Starship with Super Heavy Booster launch: The second integrated flight test saw the Super Heavy booster explode seconds into the boost backburn. At the same time, the upper stage was lost nearly eight minutes later.
  • Sam Altman was removed as CEO of OpenAI: OpenAI’s board announced Altman’s removal as CEO, citing a lack of consistent candour in his communications with them, but returned as a CEO soon after.




  • Google Weighs Gemini AI Project: The project’s aim to create personalised narratives for users using phone data and photos raises ethical concerns and questions about data privacy.


2023 was a year that pushed the boundaries of technology. Still, it also exposed the ethical and societal challenges that come with it. As we move forward, it’s crucial to approach these advancements with critical thinking, ethical considerations, and a focus on ensuring technology serves humanity for the better.


What are your thoughts on the most memorable tech news of 2023? Which stories resonated with you the most?