Engaging a mobile audience

Wendys NZ uses Putti’s powerful push notification capability to reach over 40K users

The Brief

Wendys NZ wanted to reach and engage their fast growing mobile demographic which many of whom have transitioned over to using mobile devices exclusively for the consumption of digital content.

The Solution

Redemptions of coupons on the app was the biggest driver of the traffic increase. Push notifications surpassed any other form of digital engagement with it’s current user base growing to over 40K users.

Features used by Wendys

Wendys NZ used Putti apps to reach it’s user based of 40K active app users


The menu feature keeps Wendy’s customers updated about it’s latest products and specials


The News feature is used for updates of it’s newest products, promotions, store opening and competitions

Push notifications

Wendys used Push notifications to send updates to over 40,000 user base giving it unparalleled reach


Wendys used it’s Loyalty coupons to engage it’s customers and redeem it’s coupons through the app


Location information of each store lets it’s users know the closest store and the distance to the store

Mobile web page

The mobile web page feature enables embedding mobile webpage useful for nutritional information