March 13, 2017

What can a mobile app do?

A mobile app can’t cook your dinner or put your socks in the washing machine. But it can do almost everything else! It can certainly give you recommendations on the best places to eat out so that you don’t have to cook. Or it can advise the best fabric softener for making socks snuggly after being washed. The mobile app market is huge and wide-ranging. Many businesses are adopting mobile apps as a large part of their online presence.

What is a mobile app?

A mobile app or ‘application’ is a software download optimised for use on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Since their creation, mobile apps have come a long way. The first began as calendars, reminders, messaging tools or small games, but have developed into a powerful digital tool. Sometimes the popularity of a mobile app can exceed the popularity of the website it relates to.

What can a mobile app do?

One of the greatest things about a mobile app is that once it is downloaded, it is always available on your customer’s phone. When they glance at their home screen they will see it there and be reminded of the app’s purpose. That is very powerful. It is completely different from a website that you may visit once, navigate away from and never return.

Here are some of the more popular functions of mobile apps:

1 – Capitalise on the device’s integrations

An app can use the GPS function of a mobile device for directions to their store in the simplest form, or location specific updates. Location features are especially helpful for companies with multiple branches or a national online business.

Being able to integrate with the device’s camera is another bonus. Scanning QR codes, sharing images or any number of other functions can give your app an extra dimension.

2 – Push notifications

Push notifications are a great way to break through the masses of emails people get every day. You can provide your users with short notifications that will appear as an alert on their mobile device. Update them on new products, sales, or special releases. Used well they can be an effective marketing tool.

3 – Offline information

When a user downloads a mobile app, they download all the content to their device. That means if (heaven forbid) they are ever offline, they can still access the information within the app. General information like product descriptions, user guides, contact info and FAQs could all be read when the device is out of service range.

4 – Content integration

A mobile app can act like a central hub for all your business content. Access to a blog, social media pages, a YouTube channel or podcasts can all be found within the app allowing your clients to find your content instantly.

5 – Personalised services

Your membership site can be built into your mobile app so that your users have easy access. Otherwise, appointment reminders can be sent, account customers can check the status of their orders, loyalty points or discount vouchers can be assigned to individuals, the possibilities are endless. A personalised experience is both valued and appreciated by your customers.

So there you have it. Just a few of the functions that can be incorporated into a mobile app. If you are interested in knowing how this can work for your business, then get in touch with Putti now.