December 30, 2021

Year 2021 in Review

team putti

What the sh*t year 2021 was after what I thought was a sh*t year in 2020.

It is hard to gauge what is a measure of success during these whacky times. Is it innovation in times of adversity? Is it keeping the ship going? Is it not laying people off? It is hard to know, but it has been much hard work without a doubt.

The trends are certainly interesting.

Everyone has figured out how to use QR codes and digital interfaces to get stuff done, from checking in to weekly shopping.

Businesses have been caught out with a lack of business continuity plans, inabilities to sell online, and a lack of systems to support their team members working from home.

Cyber-attacks have ramped up at a rate with every business from high street to small business having legit concerns.

Blockchain, Crypto, and the most recent buzz of the town, NFT’s have captivated the world, and now our teenage kids are telling us to get in the market.

Petrol is dead, and the EV revolution is happening. Your current car is the last petrol one.

Whatever that may be, change has accelerated without a doubt in the last 20 months. Maybe this will be the most incredible legacy from these times. I hope we embrace the good of this change to make our lives better.

There is some cool stuff happening in the world as well.

In our world as Team Putti, much respect and thanks to a team that has delivered without falter, stayed down-to-earth and showed exceptional digital outcomes. We hope we have remained receptive throughout for our partners, offered value, and made your business better for it.

A few things to keep an eye on next year…

  • Get that EV. No more petrol
  • Progressive Web Apps have a significant role to play in the mobile space
  • Apple and Google keep getting stronger and will leverage what they have
  • You or your business will get hacked. You probably already have
  • Digital accessibility expectations will grow as a movement for companies to represent the market in full
  • Customer portals are the way customers will engage in the future with your business
  • You will buy Crypto and own an NFT before the year is out
  • QR codes will be a part of our life

It’s got to be good but a little freaky.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from Team Putti!