December 16, 2022

Year 2022 in Review

Putti Happy New Year 2022

At Putti, we solve complex problems for organisations by building customised solutions that are not only the best of tech but also the best fit

What we do requires experience and integrity.

We have been at this for 12 years, and our founders and management team are at the top of their game, maintaining a hands-on approach with the delivery of projects and building a fantastic team to support our ambitions.

We are in this game for the long haul and grow alongside our customers.  Our certainty to stay the course is driven by our purposeful mix of shareholders.  The group of 7 each brings a unique skill set to Putti that makes us stronger.  Our Chairperson and I are externally facing and focus on partnerships.  Our Head of Product and CTO work to create scalable design and tirelessly communicate with clients to create understanding and trust.  Creativity and a deep understanding of UI and UX come from our Head of Design and Marketing.  We have a Head of Mobile development with a portfolio like no other and, finally, a CISO that builds in security and privacy as part of all our solutions.  This complete and unique group is committed to our long-term success. 

Our team is growing around a kiwi team just so good at what they do and a team in the Philippines that, after three years of building, gives us consistency of delivery and a way to grow as partners in NZ, the US, and elsewhere struggle in these crazy economic times but still want to take on digital projects.

A positive of Covid has been that businesses now know that digital adoption is a must-do.  

Most businesses we come across have the funding to achieve their digital goals but we also see a lot of skimping and saving on projects.  

Is it the lack of understanding of what is required to set up and run these projects?  

Is the cost difference in estimates so tempting that the quality trade-off is acceptable?

More businesses have come to us this year with failed projects by another development firm than any other. I mean a frightening amount.

All of these failed projects have used off-shoring for development. And this is whether the customer was aware or not.  There are increasingly more cases of a kiwi sales team fronting the customer here and moving all the work to India, Sri Lanka, and other popular cost-saving focused development hubs.  

My back-of-envelope calculation comes to $1.5 to $2 million dollars our customers spend on these projects before total failure and coming to us to retrieve the situation. These losses do not need to happen and emphasize the need for the right partner.

We have proven time and time again that investment in digital projects and getting the right people to design and build them the first time means a positive impact on the business: cost saving, new revenue, process improvement, and other efficiencies.  Simply put the cost-benefit equation is favorable to our partners.  

We take tremendous pride in recovering these failed projects and turning them around from a certain disaster to a polished and viable digital solution. And as we head into the new year, we look forward to further growing our relationship with these partners and continuing to deliver quality digital solutions in 2023 and beyond.