February 3, 2023

Best AI Writing Tools of 2023

Best AI Writing tools

Do you have writing issues? Do you frequently find yourself at a loss for words while beginning a new project? If so, then you may be in need of some serious help.  But don’t worry, because there are now some amazing AI writing tools available that can make your life a whole lot easier. 

In a recent blog post, we featured ChatGPT, the number-one AI tool that captured the world’s attention in an instant. We highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of using the tool. However, there are other AI writing tools that are available and are much better than Chat GPT. 

What is an AI writing tool?

AI writing software is a type of software that can generate content for you. An AI-powered writing assistant provides useful tools for writing articles, novels, blog posts, games, and more.  AI writing is just another tool that you can use to optimize your work.

Let AI technology make your life easier and more productive by including AI writing software in your content creation process. 

What are the Best AI writing tools?

The best AI writing tools are ranked in this article.  We’ll take a look at the best AI tools that will help you produce better-quality content. So if you’re ready to transform your writing process for the better, read on!


1. Jasper AI

  • Usage: Best for Power Users – the best overall AI writing tool. Fits any content creation workflow
  • Deal: Write anything! Lets you write a copy for your blog, social media, website, and more.
  • Pricing: $29.00/month
    Pros Cons
    1. Jasper can help churn out content quickly
    2. Meet Command – Jasper’s most powerful asset
    3. Lots of flexibility in how you can use Jasper
    4. Helps with more than blog content
    5. Jasper’s Boss Mode is seriously boss
    6. Content is considerably accurate
    7. Native support for Grammarly
    8. The interface is simple
    1. Overly technical topics are slightly problematic
    2. Junk content costs money
    3. Doing your research is compulsory
    4. Plagiarism detection costs extra



2. Write me.ai 

  • Usage: WriteMe AI-powered content writing assistant to write high quality content in a few clicks
  • Pricing: Freelance – $10/month | Agency – $25/month | Enterprise – $50/month
    Pros Cons
    1. Top-of-the-line live customer support
    2. Ensure correct grammar in your content with in-build ProWriting Aid for grammar enhancement
    3. Fast, fully-responsive and highly dynamic writing software
    1. Can produce decent results, but they’re far from perfect. 
    2. Poor Fact Checkers, Especially With Newer Subjects
    3. Charge extra cost in their pricing

3. Write Sonic

  • Usage: Generate text and images in no time
  • Deal : Free trial
  • Pricing: $15.00/month
    Pros Cons
    1. Straightforward, simple user interface
    2. 50+ advanced writing tools
    3. Generates content that reads naturally within seconds
    4. Plagiarism-free content that’s SEO-optimized
    5. Versatile with topics and content-type
    6. Eliminates the risk of typos or grammatical errors
    7. One of the few AI tools that offer a free trial
    1. The trial doesn’t include enough credits to test the software’s features thoroughly.
    2. Copy may not be a 100% accurate
    3. Content expander has a character cap 
    4. The credit-based system can be inconvenient when you need re-generate copy multiple time

4. Copy AI

  • Usage: copywriting assistance
  • Deal : Free version (2,000 words/mo)
  • Pricing: $49.00/month
    Pros Cons
    1. It has a simple interface that’s easily understood
    2. Includes a decent text editor
    3. Create multiple content types with templates
    4. You can style content to specific tones
    5. AIDA and PAS frameworks supported
    6. Useful tutorials in the help center
    7. Easy content sharing
    1. May lag while generating content
    2. Highly random content sometimes appears
    3. It needs lots of fact-checking
    4. Building long-form copy can be frustrating

5. Rytr

  • Usage: Affordable Jasper alternative
  • Deal :  Free limited version
  • Pricing: $9.00/month
    Pros Cons
    1. Very clean and beginner-friendly user interface
    2. Rytr has an inbuilt plagiarism checker from Copyscape
    3. It supports 30+ languages and 30+ use cases to create any form of content.
    4. Free trial available (Use up to 5000 free characters per month)
    5. There is an option to download the generated text in doc format and HTML format
    6. Rytr supports 20+ popular writing tones.
    7. Customer support is available for the trial users.
    1. Rytr lifetime deal is limited to 50,000 characters per month.
    2. There is a limitation in the payment method, only card payment is available

AI writing tools are becoming more and more popular, as they can help you with everything from grammar to creating entire websites. If you’re looking for a writing tool that can help you improve your skills, be sure to check out one of the options on this list. Give them a try and see which one works best for you.

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