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The Putti Platform is an application marketplace designed to let you create, manage and synchronise your entire digital presence across all platforms and devices.

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One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Build a Website and an App

Want to build an app, website or both? Putti is a simple to use platform where you can create, change and update your app and website instantly and publish in real time. You can start out small, or fully kit out your website and app with advanced features that suit your businesses needs.

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Create an online store

Take your business to the next level by selling your products online. With Putti Shop you can extend your customer base by selling directly from your website or app, online or in-store.

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Mobile Ordering

Attract more customers to your restaurant by creating an app with mobile ordering, so people can order from your restaurant, cafe, bar or club directly from their mobile device. You can even set up your app as a point of sale so that people can make orders in-store, leaving less people standing in line.

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Multi-Purpose Ticketing

Need to set up a ticketing function for your event, attraction or service? With Putti Ticketing you can let your customers purchase tickets through your app or website for a hassle free purchasing journey.

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Direct Marketing

Engage your users with a range of direct marketing features built into the Putti Platform. From Push Notifications through to Membership, Putti provides multiple channels that you can use to build your audience and increase your marketing success.

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Perfect For Any Industry

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The Adam & Eve Show

The Adam & Eve Show is TV2’s all new afternoon show that brings you a daily fix of music, movies, celebs, games, fashion and much more. Download the Adam and Eve app to keep up to date with what’s going on with the show and also to have access to the latest interviews and competitions.

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Chalk Design

With 41% of smartphone owners making purchases on their device, it’s easy to see the importance for retailers to have their own online shop. Chalk Design saw their sales increase dramatically with the simple addition of adding Putti Shop to their website.

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Richards Real Kitchen

Everyone wants a meal that has attention, skill and aroha lavished on it, but not everyone has the time to whip something up after a hard days work. Richards Real Kitchen is a fresh and frozen meal delivery business that lets customers buy and order their meals directly from Richards app and website.

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