May 31, 2023

The Quoting Game-Changer: How Electronic Quoting Systems Can Give You a Competitive Edge

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Businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition must embrace digital transformation. This means integrating technology into all aspects of the business, from creative and strategy to websites and apps. 

A recent study by BCG Global and Google found that digital leaders achieve three times higher revenue growth and cost savings than companies that are unable to gain value from digital. They also have an accelerated time to market, which means they can bring new products and services to market faster than their competitors.

By leveraging digital solutions, businesses can reap substantial advantages across multiple fronts, from attracting customers to streamlining job management processes. These technological advancements enhance customer engagement and acquisition and optimise internal operations, leading to improved efficiency and overall business performance.

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Paperless Quoting Advantage

Many businesses have adopted paperless quoting and job management systems in the digital age. These systems eliminate the need for traditional paper-based processes and instead utilise technology to deliver precise quotes to prospective clients quickly and easily. Despite the fact that some businesses may view paperless quoting systems as overly complicated, they offer numerous advantages over conventional paper-based systems.

Time savings

One of the paramount advantages of electronic quoting is the remarkable time savings it offers. Through electronic quoting, generating quotes becomes swift and effortless, utilising pre-existing product and pricing data. Moreover, tailoring quotes to meet the unique requirements of each customer becomes a seamless process. As a result, hours that would have otherwise been spent on labour-intensive manual creation and updating of quotes are efficiently preserved.


An additional advantage of electronic quoting is its ability to facilitate accurate tracking of quotes and ensure their timely delivery to the intended recipients. Through electronic quoting systems, it becomes effortless to monitor the status of each quote, including the dates of sending, receiving, and responding. This functionality proves invaluable in avoiding the loss of quotes and enables your sales team to stay vigilant and proactive in managing potential deals.

Deal closure rates 

Lastly, electronic quoting holds the potential to elevate your deal closure rates. Research studies have consistently demonstrated that businesses employing electronic quoting techniques achieve higher rates of deal closure compared to their counterparts that do not. This outcome can be attributed to the fact that electronic quoting simplifies the understanding and comparison of quotes for customers, while concurrently facilitating seamless follow-up procedures for sales teams. By leveraging the advantages of electronic quoting, businesses can enhance their chances of successfully securing deals.


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